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September 27, 2022 2 min read

We know that cheese is delicious at all times of the year, especially during the holidays when you get the chance to share it with friends and family. But did you know that there is a list of the top five most popular Christmas Cheeses of all time?! Well of course we had to share it with you!

1 Vacherin

Spoon it, lather on sourdough crispbread, drizzle it in honey, no matter how you serve it 

This is a real Christmas crowd-pleaser. This is the ultimate seasonal cheese, available only when the Montbeliarde cows come down from their summer alpine meadows to hunker down for the winter. On winter hay, and moving around less, they yield less milk (not enough traditionally to make the huge Comte wheels that their milk makes during the summer) but it is far richer. So perfect for making the world-famous, intensely velvety and decadent Vacherin.

2 Stichelton

Grab yourself a pear chutney, and a glass/bottle of red wine to enjoy this holiday cheese. This is the most traditional Stilton-style blue cheese you will find (arguably alongside Sparkenhoe Blue). Stichelton is everything you would want from a great blue cheese. It has a salty punch from the blue veining, and all those Stilton-style notes, from spiciness through to minerality.

3 Truffle Bigod

Bring out the bubbly! This cheese is perfect for a celebratory occasion! If we’re going to talk about Christmas cheese, let's get down to one of those most decadent cheeses out there. Baron Bigod is already absolutely delicious. But some clever cheese makers realized they could take a Baron Bigod, slice it open, and fill it with a rich, creamy, buttery, truffley goodness - what are you waiting for? Treat yourself, it’s Christmas!

4 Rollright

Spoon liberally onto a fresh baguette, or bake with some white wine, garlic and rosemary for an amazing holiday cheese experience! Rollright has all the rich, buttery flavour and silky smooth texture you could want but it doesn’t stop there. Wrapped in spruce bark for that extra injection of festive feels and added a hint of woodiness.

5 Comte

Served best with a cherry or amaretto chutney we think Christmas is a bit better with Comte. Sweet, rich and nutty with added crunch crystals from the extra maturation (it spends almost 2 years building up to its big debut on the cheeseboard!). Pump up those fruity festive vibes and use a berry chutney - or if you can sneak some away it adds a touch of luxury to your cauliflower cheese! This is the kind of cheese that you can guarantee everyone will enjoy - if you’re quick enough!

So whether you are gathering around the tree to open gifts, or telling a Christmas story of your own, remember to add a bit of cheese into the mix! With so many options to choose from you are bound to find something everyone can enjoy. 

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