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October 03, 2022 2 min read

Autumn season is finally here! If you are excited for the colours changing you will love these Fall inspired cheese boards. With easy to follow set-up and encouragement to add your own creative flair we know you will be using them as appetizers and dinner ideas in no time! 

Fall Cheese Board with Bright Colours


By using fall vegetables such as gourds and persimmons this board gives you the instant feeling of fall while having a high level of sophistication. This is the perfect cheese board to make for a dinner party as it has ample options and allows your friends and family to pick and choose different combinations of cheese, meat, and accoutrements.  

Get the recipe here

Fall Cheese board with many colours


Is a feast without cheese a feast at all? We say no! This is a great board for beginners who are looking to trunk a lackluster spread to an over-the-top banquet dish. With a in-depth combination of aged, blue, and firm cheese it is sure to pack a punch with every bite. You even have to option to add a delicious pumpkin fall hummus. Forget about taco night! It is all about the Fall Cheese boards now. 

Get the recipe here 

Fall cheese board with salted caramel


We cannot forget the sweet aspects that make a good cheese board into a great one! This board embraces the autumn season with a bourbon caramel that crackles as you pour it over some air fryer brie. Feeling a bit more adventurous? try pouring the caramel sauce over your homemade feta for a delicious symphony of flavours! 

Get the recipe here



Looking for an appetizer to empress the in-laws this fall? We found it! This decadent board includes a smoky cheese ball, homemade crisps, figs, nuts, and pairs perfectly with a homemade wheel of farmhouse cheddar. The simple and complex flavours helps everyone find something they enjoy. 

Get the recipe here 


Enjoy your Autumn Season!

Take some time to enjoy the season and dive into these amazing cheese boards. Whether you use them for inspirational dinner ideas or serve them to family as a show stopping appetizer we support it all! Remember to play around with different meats and cheeses, and ALWAYS include some of our own homemade cheese! Happy Cheese Board Making! 


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