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About Us!

Our Cheesemaking kits

Cheese making is an old idea we have made new again with our cheese making kits. Traditionally, making cheese would take place on the farm with fresh milk from a cow, goat, sheep, or buffalo. Since most of us now live in cities, we often only have access to conventional, pasteurized and processed milk. So, when making cheese from home, think of yourself as an ‘Urban’ Cheese Maker that makes artisan cheese using store-bought milk!  

Here at Cheese Maker, we believe that you should care about what goes into your body. That’s why we’ve created our cheese with simple, whole ingredients that have a positive impact on a person’s health as well as the environment.  We consider ourselves “Urban Cheesemakers.”  Cheese Maker also believes that creating something together, whether that be a fun date activity, a girls night in, or fun activity with your kids helps foster community and creativity.  We bring people together through cheese making! 

The Founders


Cheese Maker was started by a just couple of 'curd-nerds' me, Alexis and my husband and business partner Jeremy Bossio, back in in 2012 when we were just making and selling a few simple cheese making kits at local craft fairs. We have always had a desire to connect people through fun and meaningful experiences so teaching people how to make our own cheese at home was the perfect fit!

Cheese Maker Headquarters is located in Colwood, BC, to serve commuters and as well as our entire E-commerce community.  We are often on the move presenting our product across Canada and the USA at farmers markets and craft shows where we get to spread our love of cheesemaking with people from all over North America.  

“I love cheese and people! I'm always looking for a way to connect myself and others to authentic, memorable and fun experiences, so when I decided to start my own business I began teaching myself cheese-making, which ultimately led to the beginning of my DIY Cheese Maker business.”

~ Alexis Owner of Cheese Maker


At Cheese Maker, we are dedicated to providing customers with a unique, meaningful, memorable and FUN experience!  We're not just selling cheese kits, we're selling an experience.  Our values are to:

1. Bring friends, family, co-workers, and communities together through a unique experience;

2.  Provide a healthy option with raw ingredients.  We pride ourselves in being able to pronounce every ingredient that you're putting into your body;

3. Inspire creativity in the kitchen;

4. Commit to quality.  We provide high value product that we stand behind, which ensures customer satisfaction, profitability and the future of our employees.