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August 24, 2022 3 min read

Who doesn’t love feta? I know I do! But how much do we really know about this greek cheese other than that it's delicious in pasta and salads. Keep reading for 10 facts I bet you didn’t know about feta!

Fun Facts about Feta

1. The Origins

The word feta comes from an ancient Greek word meaning slice. In greek, the word Feta translates to brine.  This is because feta is not cooked or pressed but is cured briefly in a brine solution which is why it is known as the Brine cheese.  The word feta only began being used in the 19th century to describe what we know as the cheese!  

2. Bone Health

It is incredibly high in calcium making it great for bone health!  In fact, 100 grams of feta contains about 14 grams of calcium.  The high calcium content is also linked to improved bone density and osteoporosis prevention.  That sounds like a great excuse to it eat it to me!

3. Milk

Feta is primarily made from sheep or goat milk, or both!  However, cow’s milk can be used as a substitute.  Using goat and sheep milk gives feta is what gives it the crumbly texture which is what makes it so great on salads! 

4. Calories

Feta is super low in calorie and fat content making it a great cheese option for when you’re watching your weight or just looking for a cleaner option to other traditional cheese. I know I'll be adding feta to my weight loss diet!

5. Aging

Feta takes 3 or more months to fully age, in a combination with refrigerated and room temperatures, and it needs to be stored in a mild brine solution so that it stays moist. 

6. Consumption

Feta accounts for 70% of cheese consumption in Greece.  No wonder why Greece is known for its feta!  Greece averages in eating more than 10 kilograms a year. You feta believe it!

7. Gut Health

Feta cheese is great for your gut health as it’s packed with probiotics. These strains of good bacteria promote a healthy gut and support immune system function. 

8. Greece

Feta is recognized as the ‘National Cheese of Greece.’  Although we love it just as much here in Canada!  Feta in Canada is typically exported and pasteurized, but in Greece the cheese is still made in the traditional manner by farmers in the mountains.   

9. History

Believe it or not, feta is one of the worlds oldest cheeses!  It's reported to have first been discovered in the 11th century. Homer even writes about it in his epic, the Odyssey.

10. Do it Yourself

Did you know you can make homemade feta cheese from the comfort of your own house?? Make your own feta at home using our Feta & Goat cheesemaking kit!  Go to cheesemaker.ca and order your kit today!  


From the Fun Facts about Feta, we can see just how great it is for your health, everything from your bones to your gut!  If you had no idea what feta cheese was all about, you must now be intrigued to try it out.  Not only does fit taste great, but it's fun and easy to make!  Our kit allows you to make your own homemade feta cheese in just 2-4 hours.   Go ahead and try it yourself by visiting our website, cheesemaker.ca and ordering your Goat & Feta kit today!

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