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May 11, 2022 2 min read

Why do they call it a charcuterie board?

Charcuterie is a French word that describes a shop that sells cured pork products such as salami and ham (otherwise known as a deli!). That said, a charcuterie board often incorporates deli meats, as well as cheeses, olives, nuts, dried fruits and other condiments.

What are the best cheeses for a charcuterie board?

Any cheese can be put on a charcuterie board! Thinking about the types, textures and colors of cheese. We recommend having a soft, semi-soft and hard cheese such as cheddar and Parmesan. Cheese made with different milks, such as cow or goat, can also offer different textures and flavors.

What are the best meats for a charcuterie board?

Cured ham, baked ham, hard salami, summer sausage and even pepperoni are great meats for a charcuterie board to offer a variety of flavors, spices and colors.

Buying sliced meats straight from the deli versus buying pre-packaged meat slices can also save money (and give you a fresher product!).

Is making a charcuterie board expensive?

This is 100% up to you! You can make a board based on your budget. By making your own cheese and finding delicious meats and cheese in the supermarket you can have an amazing board!

What can I use as a charcuterie board?

Truly, no special equipment is required. The board will largely be covered by the items on it, so your board could be as simple as a plastic or wooden cutting board, or even a metal sheet tray would work.


1. Slice your hard cheeses and meats in advance. We recommend slicing in different ways such as cubes or triangles to add dimension to your board. 

2. Anchor the board with bigger objects first. Wheels of cheese or small bowls that hold condiments should be placed first. Start with your largest piece near the center and place all other vessels evenly around the board.

3. Place cheeses and meats down next. Think about alternating colours and shapes to fill in spaces on your board.

4. Add touches of freshness. Small bunches of grapes, sliced apples, a few berries, or sprigs of fresh herbs all add beautiful colors and bites of freshness to the board.

5. Serve a variety of crackers and sliced bread. If you still have space on the board, add thin slices of bread (like a thin baguette or French bread) or a variety of crackers with different shapes and textures. No more room? Divide the bread and crackers into two small bowls or baskets that can sit on either side of the board on your table so that guests coming in from all sides can grab and snack easily.

6. Don’t forget the serving tools. Forks arranged around the board can help guests grab items easily, but toothpicks are a good, disposable serving alternative, too.

And Enjoy!!!







Source:  https://www.thepioneerwoman.com/food-cooking/recipes/a38389992/how-to-make-charcuterie-board/

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