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April 16, 2023 1 min read

Ricotta is one of the quickest cheeses to make, and we love the creamy, slightly sweet taste. It is a perfect cheese to make pasta dishes, sauces, and decadent dinners. But did you know it can be an amazing cheese to eat alone and pair with different wines!? This blog will give you different wine and ricotta recipes to try together. 

Ricotta Peach Slices and dry Rose

One of our favourite pairings is to top peach slices with a couple of heaping tablespoons of ricotta. While ricotta can be airy and is relatively low in fat compared to many other cheeses, it maintains a rich and creamy mouthfeel. Pairing this dish with a Provençal rosé compliments the cheese while adding a crisp acidity and delicate fruit tones.

Honey and Pinot Noir

Serve your ricotta on some warm toast with a drizzle of honey for a vibrant and creamy treat. Complement this characteristic with an aromatic Sauvignon Blanc, which includes notes of ripe fruit that would be equally refreshing. Enjoy with friends, family, or by yourself on a warm spring afternoon. 

Ricotta, Cracker, and Vermentino

Enjoy a simple ricotta and cracker spread with a refreshing glass of Vermentino. Though light in body, Vermentino can boast some big citrus flavours as well as a pleasantly bitter finish. While these qualities can overpower delicate cheeses and are ill-fit for those with competing strong flavors, they are a Goldilocks match for ricotta’s sweet and light profile.

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